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The Quality of Life Center, Inc., a charitable, community based non-profit agency, was established in 2004. The specific purpose of the agency is to institute programs that will educate urban communities on the availability of assistance to low-income, at risk youth and families residing in the Altadena, Pasadena and surrounding areas. The Quality of Life Center, Inc.'s mission is to develop and manage centers with multi-cultural programs and services designed to ensure that opportunities for success are equally shared by all participants with a desire to improve their quality of life.

Quality of Life Center, Inc. programs mark a bold departure from traditional guidance programming. Through innovative instruction and individualized attention, youth travel a road to success that begins with believing in themselves and never giving up on the fact that success is yours for the taking. Though our programs somewhat defy the norm, they are now "nationally acclaimed" and have proven to be extremely successful in meeting the needs and providing youth an opportunity to prove to themselves that honesty and hard work can and will bring about positive life changes.

Many of our youth programs address: youth who are dropping out of school, depressed, some with no sense of self worth, and others turning to the "streets" for love and understanding. Some are trapped in situations in which they have had no chance to follow their dream. "If we don't help them, who will?

Our nationally esteemed Bright Futures Scholars program participants are brilliant scholars with extremely high GPA&'s. Quality of Life Center programs are designed to assist the young, enabling them to become productive citizens, build self esteem, dream and then conquer their most "impossible" dream.

Without programs such as the ones offered in the Quality of Life Center, Inc., one out of every three low-income minority students attending high school will drop-out before earning a diploma (2005 PUSD Statistic). Most will not be encouraged to return to school, nor offered pre-training to become marketable in corporate America. Many students, even young scholars, if coming from low-income families will not have an opportunity to reach their full potential and scores of juvenile first offenders will be placed in the justice system.

Much of our programming depends on community support. We are proud to say that our programs are endorsed by community leaders who see the value in what is being accomplished to direct positive changes in the future of our communities. The National Education Association (NEA), as well as many surrounding school districts, plan to foster pilot programs using Quality of Life Center Inc. components in 2008.

At the Quality of Life Center, we have an opportunity to service families with many different needs. We will strive not only to meet the needs but to eliminate the problems causing the need.

The Quality of Life Center will continue to make every effort to assist the youth, young adults and families in low income at-risk communities by providing services that improve the quality of life for all.

Our Programs

Bright Futures Scholars Support Program

A program that extends itself to targeted high achieving (3.0 + GPA) students completing high school who have earned the opportunity to quest for success. Program components include: mentoring, tutoring, financial/literacy programs, and youth scholarships.

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

A multi-cultural health program geared to youth (of all ages) and families. The program further extends itself to addressing health issues and concerns of at-risk and low-income youth and families. Health education, at all levels, is provided to assist in maintaining healthy living and positive life choices.

Smoothing the Rough Edges "Unveiling The Jewels Within"

A pre-training, pre-screening program designed to target individuals' ages 14-25 that need assistance in polishing; employment,, personal adjustment, professional and marketability skills. Participants are prepared to be competitive in corporate America.

Stars For Strikes

A second chance program that allows juvenile first offenders an opportunity to turn their lives around. Juveniles, referred into the program from the Juvenile Justice System are given an opportunity to redeem themselves, build self-esteem, and develop character while learning to make positive life choices

The Bright Futures Scholars Program In Detail

The Program extends itself to all targeted high achieving (3.0 GPA) students, including low-income students completing high school against insurmountable odds. The goal is to provide these young people with the tools necessary to quest for success.

A vital component in this program provides "group mentoring" as well as "individual mentoring "from our communities finest. Committed mentors include congressman, senators, assembly members, mayors, county supervisors, physicians, clergy, corporate CEO's, attorneys, scientists, engineers, artists, educators, law enforcement officials, managers and administrators.



Bright Futures Scholars participate as Junior Council Persons (representing their mentors and schools all over the nation). Monthly Scholars television tapings are aired on Public Access Television, and can also be viewed online all around the world.



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